Friday, August 11, 2006

Weekend is only 3.5 hours away

I can’t remember the last time a shortened work week seemed so bloody long! But the week is over and some of that relaxing is due up for the weekend. Nothing horribly exciting but something none the less and that something is continuing to work on a little project that my GF and I have been working on. What is that project you ask?

Well the project is pretty simple it’s working on this getting it cleaned up and usable:

My dad gave me his old boat years ago when he stopped using it and well I couldn’t have really been bothered at the time. Sadly year after year I would say I was going to clean her up and put her in the water but that never transpired. A few weeks ago we went up and started to clean her up. This weekend the plan is to continue the long tiring process of cleaning the boat up and getting her ready to put in the water.

But why so late in the season you ask?

Mostly because I’ve been lazy and instead of starting at the beginning of the season we started towards the end; we’re thinking of using her for part of our vacation towards the end of august. Hopefully none of the concerns I have about getting her up and running are founded!

Wish us luck.