Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in Reality

Alas the vacation is over and I’m back doing the whole work thing and I wish I was still up north just chilling and enjoying not being in the city. But the bills and mortgage won’t pay for itself. The vacation was a blast! We did a whole lot of nothing for 10 days which was awesome. Some sailing was had (well motor-sailing for the time being) and drinking became a daily activity (we spent more on booze than food).

So incase you’re all curious… I have decided to keep this little site up and running and rumbling with some of my musings. I debated taking it down because I was getting the feeling that I was forcing myself to put posts up. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t feel like posting on any given day I’m not going to force it. Lately I’ve had more than enough to say so it shouldn’t be a problem…. I want to post when I have something to say rather than keep giving update after update after update when I don’t have something to say.

Definitely more chilled out after the vacation. We did sign up for a gym membership yesterday so the assessment part comes tomorrow and I’m a bit on the curious side what they’ll have to say; smoking and drinking all vacation must have done wonders for the health.

Ok I need to get back to the work thing.