Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A couple busy days!

I’ve just been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to post; (and I haven’t had too much to say on top of that).The weekend was nice and quiet; went up to the boat and nearly froze my ass off but it was nice to just chill. Every time I got up there I feel much more relaxed than if I were to chill in the city.

After work on Monday I had my first session with the Nutritionist and it was pretty neat. He started off by saying he’ll explain why he’s suggesting something or other and educate me on it. The only thing I really noticed was that he kind of slammed his co-workers for not educating clients. The couple things that he suggested were mostly common sense and things I kind of already knew. He suggested having the biggest meal in the morning and to break up my meals into more smaller meals. He also suggested reducing the amount of carbs taken in for the first part of the meal plan. What I did like is he didn’t come up with something and say you have to do this : blah. What he did is he suggested cutting back on the carbs slowly by maybe reducing the amount taken at dinner by maybe 1/3; this is reasonable and something that I can accomplish rather than removing them altogether.

Other than that the only help I’ve got with all my projects resigned yesterday which is going to mean that my life is going to get a bit more hellish over the next couple months with 4 pretty major projects starting up. *sigh* not much I can do about this right now but I might ask for an actual admin assistant to get through all the manual stuff.