Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gots me a Gym Membership

So on Monday we went and got ourselves a gym membership at a pretty swanky type of gym. In Toronto there’s a few chains going from the ratty ass to the oh, my god I can’t believe people pay that to work out variety. The one we signed up to is somewhere in the middle. They have a shitload of machines, tvs set up all over the place and we get discounts from work; so all is good in the land of needing to get into shape.

But this place is a bit different; they make you take an assessment before you get your membership card. I kind of like this it let me know that I’m nothing more than a little girly man to quote the Arnold. Well not really my cardio is above average, but my core, ab, and back muscles are in dire need of serious attention.

So when I was talking to them I knew they would suggest a trainer and I was down with that and I was even thinking about doing it. And suggest they did but instead of getting me all working out and shit they suggested I work with a specific person to get my hockey going better which is something I mentioned. I like the fact that they’ve got trainers that will help you specialize in something. On top of that they don’t just offer the personal trainer…it comes with sessions from a nutritionist. That’s pretty cool too. For as much as I hate gyms I think I might be able to get myself going into this one.

Now what time for that work thing… must get caught up on work!