Sunday, October 22, 2006

A rare Sunday Post

Over the past couple weeks I've done mainly three things:

Worked: I've been doing the working thing for over a decade now and I can't beleive how much I want to get out of this job and into the next one. I've bitched about it on this site for a few posts now but the feeling hasn't diminished. What has started to change over the past couple weeks is that the job is starting to improve a little. I'm not doing as much stupid grunt work but getting into doing what I got hired for. Unfortunately there is so much of the stuff that I'm set up for failure regardless. It makes wanting to get up to go to the office in the morning that much more pleasant and fun. And this is all before the 2+ hours of commuting that I'm doing each and every fucking day. Yes I'm interviewing but the process is slow and I'm not certain I'll get the job I'm trying for.

Drank: The next thing I've done over the past couple weeks is drank, today will be the first day in over two weeks that I haven't drunk something. The scary thing is that I'm sick of it but at the end of the work day about the only thing I can think of is sitting down and having a drink. I'm not impressed with this, in fact I'm quite embarrassed that I've turned to drinking to get me from one day to the next. This needs to stop and pronto.

: Finally since I can't drink at the office (though if I didn't have a 2 hour drive every day drinking on the job would be an option) I've been smoking more and more. I'm getting close to having about a smoke every hour that I'm at the office. This too is something that I'm not very proud of.

So what have I learnt from the past two weeks? Well very simply I need to get some of my shit together because I can already see that the slope I'm on is slippery. The smoking will stop soon; starting tomorrow if at all possible.

The drinking will be cut down significantly. I'm sick of drinking that much. And work... well there's not much I can do about that one other than try getting the fuck out of there.

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