Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happiness Experiment: Day 1

So I decided to start this experiment where just before bed I recount 3(or more) of the things that made me happy during the day and analyze them. Figure out why they happened and what about them made me happy; essentially think them through. Today is day one of the experiment and I'm going to write out the three things.

#1 Reading my book at lunch.

Very simply put I went out for Thai food at lunch and read my book, I took the full hour and when I was done at the restaurant I sat on a park bench by the restaurant until I was done the chapter. It was nice not to think about work and the pressing things in my life. I'm reading Not Buying It:My Year Without Shopping and quite enjoying it so it was nice to take that break. Deciding to stop and finish the chapter before going anywhere was what really put it over the edge for me.

#2 Going for a second interview

I knew this one was going to make me happy because it was a move in the right direction when it comes to work but I didn't think it would make me quite as happy as it did. I got a verbal job offer and I should be starting first thing in the new year. This is an obvious happy moment but the best parts were that not only did I get the job offer but the description of the job sounds like it'll be challenging and rewarding which is something that I'm totally lacking.

#3 Getting home and telling my Fiance about the job.

Ok, this was a happy moment because my Fiance has been dealing with my crankiness and moodiness from work for a few months now. Knowing that I'm not going to be bitching and complaining about work and that I'll be happier for it is something I know she wants. Because of that seeing the look on her face was great.

#4 Helping with homework.

I know it was only supposted to be three items, but I got to help my fiance with her homework. It made me glad that I was actually able to help her with something that I haven't studied in 2 or 3 years(if not more). She was grateful and I was able to help her work through an assignment question when she was starting to get stressed by it.

Overall yesterday was a good day and I think going forward I'm going to have a bunch of these good days. I guess we'll see where this little experiment takes us.