Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happiness Experiment: Day 2

Well its day two of my little experiment and yes for those of you counting that means this is also day three in a row of my posting an item on this blog which hasn't happened for months. So how did day two go?

#1 - Finishing my book.

Just like yesterday I took some time at lunch to eat and read my book but today was a bit better in that I was able to finish my book. I don't get a chance to finish books very often but I'm done. I took the time over lunches and whenever I happened to be on the subway and finished the library book before it was overdue. Now all I've got to do is return it. It was a small accomplishment but one never the less and that made me happy. The book also made me think which is a great thing.

#2 - Coming up with a business idea

Why would this make me happy? Well around the time that I was in university and actually attending I was generating ideas at an alarming rate. I never did anything with them because they were just that ideas. Now that I'm older and in theory wiser I can actually take an idea and run with it. I spent most of my drive home from work mentally going through this idea that I had and what might be involved in getting it off the ground. It made that hour go by like a flash.

#3 - Finally hitting the gym

I've never been big on gyms but I'm starting to see results even though I go a grand one time a week. I missed seeing my trainer dude last week so I was glad to go this week and I was able to push myself a little bit further than I had in the past. Although I'm convinced my trainer is evil for making me to all those insane ab exercises.

My mood the past couple days has definitely been lighter but I'm not sure if this is attributed to the fact that I know I've got a method of escape from this company lined up or this little experiment; if it keeps up it'll be this experiment.