Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Lazy Hazy Sunday

This is the first Sunday in a few weeks maybe a couple months where I've done absolutely jack shit all day long and all I have to do before the end of the day is go play a game of hockey which is always fun. I've dismissed the downtime thing in the past but now I revel in it. I don't know when this all changed but just chilling and relaxing is nice to do from time to time. Regardless of how or when this happened just taking a day to play video games or fuck around on the internet is a great way to detox a little before the work week starts all over again.

I think that ever since I decided that I really hate my job these Sundays are so much nicer though I inevitably find I start to dread the upcoming week that much more. The nice thing about these quite sundays (when they do happen) is that I can take a step back and just do some of the stuff I've been wanting to all week, like read or sketch... that's not a bad idea, maybe I'll go sketch for a bit.

I don't really have much to say other than I'm enjoying a day of not having to do anything that I don't want to. About the only way this day could be better is if I was on the boat and it was summer. I could just chill there maybe go for a swim, have a couple beers. But this is almost as nice.