Friday, November 10, 2006

The Upcoming Weekend

I have to say the past couple weekends have been pretty cool, had friends over last weekend (something we don't do very often) and this weekend we're heading out to check out a resort for as a possible location for a wedding. Finding a spot for a wedding seems to be more of a challenge than I could have ever imagined. We found a resort that promptly couldn't confirm a date for us. It's not that we're asking for a specific date, oh no, we want a saturday in the summer. The fact that we've got a pretty small wedding and that we wanted a saturday meant this resort couldn't confirm a date.

Why couldn't they confirm a date for us?

Well the couldn't confirm a date because all of their corporate clients haven't booked for the summer just yet. It's really frustrating when this happens but in all reality I can actually understand their point of view. For a resort that has conferences coming in saying no to a company that will be there for days at a time charging up money like it was going out of style versus a small wedding, the choice is pretty clear. It still sucks for us but that a fact of life that we're simply going to have to deal with.

The cool side is we get to check out more resorts now, trying the food in their restaurants, checking the rooms out and just getting out of the city for a weekend. There is one drawback to this: we still have to pay for this research. Granted we're getting great treatment and getting discounts on rooms and all sorts of fun things like that, but researching the wedding is something I would never have thought of as an expense for the wedding.

Hopefully this place is nice and we can end our search!