Friday, December 01, 2006

Happiness Experiment: Day 3

I know that this is a little late but here is what I came up with for day 3 of this little happiness experiment:

#1 - Reading at lunch

I know that this is starting to be a bit of a trend in that I'm reading at lunch and enjoying it. I've started reading a new business book; Seth Goodin's Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable and it's started off quite interesting. I guess reading a marketing book is a good thing especially since I came up with that business idea a couple days ago. It felt like I was accomplishing something and that was good.

#2 - Making dinner with my Fiance

One of the things that my fiance and I did when we first started dating was making mini-pizzas on tortilla flats. It was nice to make dinner together since this isn't something that happens all that often. Not to mention that the things were pretty damned good.

#3 - Watching Thank You for Smoking

While eating the mini-pizzas we watched a movie, Thank You for Smoking and I've got to say that I haven't seen a movie quite that funny in a long time. It was nice watching something satirical that played on something that I still do: Smoke. We both enjoyed the movie and had more than a few laughs. This was a nice and long happy moment - close to 2 hours.

This was day three of the experiment; I'll be posting day 4 a bit later on today.