Friday, December 01, 2006

Happiness Experiment: Day 4

I have to say yesterday was a pretty damned good day even though it was pissing rain all fucking day. Hydroplaning on the highway did freak me out a bit but at least nothing happened. Ok, now onto the happy moments from yesterday.

#1 - Seeing my buddy's military parade

One of my closest and oldest friends graduated from boot camp and had his military parade yesterday and I got to see it. It was good to see him actually accomplish something, he's been wasting away for years getting jobs when he needed cash but for the most part he just played video games. It was a very positive change in him and I'm happy for the fucker.

#2 - Being Congratulated for getting engaged

You see all of the buzz about my getting engaged has passed so when my buddy's parents (see point #1) congratulated me out of the blue I was susprised. I didn't think he'd mentioned my getting engaged to them. It was a rather pleasant thing since it was one of the first things they said. Again I've know them a long time but never talked to them much (and I don't think my buddy talks to them much either)

#3 - Cleaning @ Home

How can cleaning be a happy moment? Very simply I don't like being too sendintary; I like doing things. If I'm bored I'll typically go wash the dishes or something. Yesterday when I got home I just got into a lets start doing some cleaning before the weekend mode (got family coming on Saturday) and I managed to get a good chunk of shit done. Its always nice seeing progress.