Monday, January 22, 2007

The silence on this blog

You know originally I wrote on this blog as an excuse not to do work and I did this for close to two years. It was a great way to vent and kill time at the same time. Now with my new job there's no time for this and even if there was I wouldn't want to do it. I've actually managed to find a job that gives me a challenge and an opportunity so I won't fuck with it. Unfortunately that doesn't leave much time for writing on this blog.

What you ask? You've got tons of time... ah but if this were my only blog then I would be in complete agreement with you but it's not. I've got another and surprisingly it's already gotten more traffic than this one has in a couple years.

Now before anyone thinks I'm going to drop this site, rest assured I'm not! I like this site because it lets me write about whatever the fuck I please like and swear and all that fun stuff. I can write about hockey one day and then drinking the next and the fact that Hillary Clinton would get my vote on the third without anyone batting an eyelash. I've wanted to change the template for a while... maybe that's what this place needs for me to write more? I don't know but this is going to be my personal place to bitch and rant about shit how I want and when I want. So I'm not going away but there maybe spots of silence.