Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm still playing hockey on sunday nights and last nights game was a late one; needless to say I got into bed close to 1:30 am with the full knowledge that I was getting up in 5 hours. I knew I'd be tired but holy fuck am I exhausted. Seriously I used to live on 5 hours of sleep today I think I might end up pouring an obsene amount of coffee and caffeine into my system just so I can stumble through the day. Fuck being coherent today, I'm just aiming for upright.

It makes you wonder why people will tire themselves out to the point of exhaustion like this, in my case I do really like the hockey but i used to do it just for fun. I don't need a great deal of sleep and had I gotten maybe another hour or two more I'd be right as rain but I didn't. Anyhow I should quit my bitching and start getting ready for work like I should have about 20 minutes ago.

I'll try to post about an experiment that we're trying tomorrow - Assuming we can get it started.