Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Experiment

I've noticed that since I've started working my new job a couple things have been happening with this blog:

  • I post on Mondays

  • I seem to write about little experiments I try

  • All of the things I would write about I forget before I get a chance to write about them

So this week is time to start another little experiment! This might mean that I actually post a couple times this week; imagine that. Yes that was sarcasm.

Now onto the idea for this little experiment: Try to not drink every day this week. I would have said try not to drink at all during the week but we've got Valentines in the middle of the week so lets not be silly there will be drinking on that day. But the goal for me is to try not to drink as much as I have in the past. Money is one consideration but I've started to think I drink too much.

Take yesterday for example, I didn't drink but I met up with a friend for an early dinner and the first thing I wanted to do is buy a beer. Now there's nothing wrong with buying a beer when out with friends. But I've been drinking a bit too much lately and I'm starting to feel like I'm not being healthy at all. I've just been feeling like its too much and yesterday was a bit of an example when not buying a beer caused me some trepidation and angst.

This experiment is just more of an effort to cut back rather than a true experiment; I just don't want to feel like alcohol is my crutch and my bane due to the costs.

Ok; Monday post done. Time to get ready for work.