Friday, March 09, 2007

Fallen leaves on the ground!

Woo hoo! working from home on a friday! Doesn't get fucking much better than that... wait sure it does but its pretty sweet either way. I can finally get caught up on some of that work stuff.

I know I haven't been posting, mostly because I've been busy with work and planning for the wedding and that kinda fun stuff. The worst part is I have lots of shit to write about but by the time I get to a comp its gone. Think about it, I take a subway every single day. This is cannon foder for so many different posts its unbelievable. But like I said... this work thing gets in the way (at least mentally)

Here's a couple vids that I thought were cool:
Video 1 -
Video 2 -

Enjoy... I'll post at some point in the not too distant past