Monday, December 10, 2007

Bent Reality

I haven't written here in so long I'm amazed that the site still exists. I used to write here when I was bored at a job I didn't really like. They didn't like something and gave me a nice package to go away. I'm onto job number 2 since and its been going well I guess. I cannot imagine how much I've changed since that boring waste of time.

Its amazing when things do change and you look back and realize holy fuck I spent 6 years doing nothing! I could have done so much more!

Ahh but hind site is 20/20. Needless to say I've missed writing on here. I would vent creatively about the woes in my life and just shoot the shit. I even made a couple friends as a result of this blog. I never made any money off of it which was I think part of the idea when I started. Funny the reasons we do things sometimes.

I think I would like to start writing again on this site. I honestly think it might make me a bit happier to vent creatively an mostly anonymously on this blog. Right now about the only person that hears my venting is my wife... why should she have all the fun? Actually it would be nice to have a general personal soapbox to just write.

When I first started this site I really cared about how many people were coming to the site and the comments they left. I even put some monetization on it. I think its time to just write and if people come and leave comments then all the better but I think its just time to write.