Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Introspective Day

Some days you get up and you're full of energy and ready to take on the world and other days you're tired and lethargic. For me the past few days have been somewhat introspective days. I'm not entirely sure why but I've been thinking about where I am in life and what will be coming up. I've had decent year so far and I'm happy with where I am at the moment. Not everything is perfect my finances are still pretty fucked up but I know I'm making the changes that I need to improve them and that it will take a while.

I've been thinking about goals lately - I don't have a lot of them at the moment. Maybe this is a good thing. Having too many goals can translate to not accomplishing any of them. On the other hand having none can be just as bad because you're floating around doing nothing. The main goal for me right now is to get a few things back on track:

  • Writing
  • Finances
  • Prepping for the Baby (House preparations)
The past couple months have been busy and I just haven't been making the time to write as much as I would have liked. The thing is that I've been lazy and the first thing that's fallen off has been the writing. But I find that when this happens I really miss it. I write on a couple blogs and I just haven't been giving them their due attention; even this one. I think its time to start making a bit more of an effort on this front.

My finances - well they're getting back on track. I'm now paying my bills on time and spending close to the same amount of money that I'm bringing in. This is nice but its not going to pay down my debt any faster. This one is more of an active goal/project

The baby is due in a couple months and there's still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done before the arrival. Most of tasks associated with this are physical in that the house needs to be ready for the baby's arrival. The biggest problem with this goal/project is that the list of items to do around the house seems to be never ending and its daunting. For some reason that alone makes me not want to get going on it. I think a bit more proactivity will help here.

Now those are the active goals or projects that I'm working on. They're all very immediate and ongoing. Even after the baby arrives there will be a lot of stuff that needs to be done around the house and I need to just keep plugging at this. But what about the bigger goals? I can't just have a handful of small goals that I'm working towards what about the bigger goals? What do I want to do? Well the finances goal does partially lend itself to the bigger and longer term goals. The things I want to do take time and money and with a lot of money I could take time to accomplish them.

But what are these goals? If I had the time to do anything I wanted what would I do? I'm not sure but I think its time to just put some ideas down on paper and see where they take me. Here are some that popped into my mind recently:

  • Climb mount everest
  • Summer in France - or at the least learn French
  • Visit Japan
  • Sail the Caribbean
  • Get a Masters Degree
  • Be worth 100 Million Dollars
Ok so the last one isn't overly realistic - who cares. Some of these are merely ideas and I'm not even sure if they're all valid. Now on top of the big grandious ideas I've also been thinking about what to do next. What my work goals are, where I want to be in a few years and more importantly who I want to be in a few years. Some of this thinking also involves the little one thats on the way how does that come into the picture.

Lots of questions... few solid answers but the lack of these answers is a problem I think. Maybe I need to take a day or two off and just chill and ponder these big questions.