Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2006 Resolutions a month in.

A few days ago I read a blog (After the Debauchery) that gave me the idea to look over my new years resolutions or whatever I deceided to call them and have a look to see how I was doing. I posted a big long post on it at the beginning of January and today being the last day of the month its just as good a day as any to look these over. So here was the list:

1. Get out of Debt
2. Get a new job
3. Learn French
4. Take better care of myself
5. Post regularily in this blog

I'll start with the one that's somewhat working and that'll be number 5, I'm actually writing here with some regularity and enjoying it. For a while after I started this thing I was worried about how many hits I was getting and who was coming to the site... not I don't care, this thing is for me and I'm happy to share but I'm not going to get all worked up if I don't get X amount of hits per month or week or whatever. The comments and feedback are great and more than enough. I write what comes to mind... and I'm going to continue so. This resolution is working and I think I'm going to keep it up... shit maybe I'll even put a pic of me up one day.... Nah, maybe not.

Onto point 4, this one is a bit of a mess though I have started keeping and eye out on shit like smoking too much and now that hockey is back up and running it's seriously kicking my ass all over the place. I've started to keep myself to 8 smokes a day... I'm failing at it more oft than not but I'm putting in some effort here. The big one I think is going to be cutting back a bit on the booze... and going to the gym, gotta do it. Gotta take care of myself.

Point 3, the french well I started... stopped, started again and haven't really done shit about this one. All I've got to do to accomplish this one is put the effort in and I just haven't done that, but if I keep up the starting and stopping part one of those times I'll start and actually continue so I guess SOME progress has been made.

The job... well I'm still doing stuff for the people that might be hiring me in March but it's taking so fucking long! I'll tough it out till the end of march and then if it doesn't look like this is going to fly I'm going to get my ass into gear and get another job so this one is somewhat on hold until I know what's going down.

Finally the Debt; I think this one maybe the most successful in some ways. I've actually paid all my bills this month, on time (almost) and the biggest thing is I've gotten my spending under control. I had so much money that needed to be paid out this month that it's ridiculous and I feel really bad for having to mooch off my GF but some of the pays were so tight that I was out of money before I got my pay. That's getting better I've caught up to my bills and I've put a check on where and how I spend my money. All I have to do now is to keep this up for a while and start paying more to my debts and I'll be able to start climbing out of the mile long hole I dug myself into.

Ok reality check for myself is over... Not doing enough but doing something so that's better than nothing. I think I might have to do this ever month to see if I'm actually making any progress, it's harder to lie to yourself when you put it down in writing.