Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Tuesday Blog!

It seems that I'm posting up on tuesdays lately. I had an interview this morning for a job and I think it went well. Here's hoping I can get the fuck out of the current job, things are slowly going downhill and I don't see them getting better anytime soon only possibly worse.

The worst part of having a job like this is that for all the things that are wrong with it's nothing in comparison to the complete lack of confidence it's causing in me and the soul crushing thats occuring within me. I would much rather be broke and looking for work than stay here. But alas I have more than just myself to consider in my life, mortages need to be paid and weddings need to be saved up for. The end result is that I can't just quite even though I really want to. I've just started drinking too much to cope and I don't like that.

In other news: Thanksgiving was good, lots and lots of turkey. 2 dinners and left overs! Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving.

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